Career in PCM after 12

An understudy having PCM in the twelfth standard can seek after his further investigation in building and innovation, drug store, engineering, law, the board, design, material, social work,

library science and all workmanship and humanities aggregate fields.


  1. Designing


Designing is one of the looked for after vocation by science understudies. The graduate course is for four years. Following are degree courses in different parts of the building


  • B.Technology/Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science


  • B.Technology/Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical


  • B.Technology/Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Tele-correspondence


  • B.Technology/Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical


  • B.Technology/Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engg.


  • B.Technology/Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology


  • B.Technology/Bachelor of Engineering in Dairy Technology


Different specializations incorporate marine, aviation, rural, Petroleum, Automobile, Biochemical, Bio Medical, Biotechnology,

Bio Instrumentation, Bio Informatics, Chemical, Environmental, Food innovation, Fire, Leather, Mining and Metallurgical, Nano innovation, Printing, Plastic and polymer, Rubber, Genetic, Textile and so on.

Qualification: twelfth Science PCM with high percentile.

Confirmation strategy: National Level passageway test, for example, IIT-JEE, GATE, UPSEE, BITSAT, and State level or passageway test.


  1. Engineering

Lone wolf of Architecture (B. Curve) – Five years course.

Qualification: twelfth Science PCM with high percentile

Affirmation Procedure: National Level passageway test, for example, IIT-JEE, GATE, UPSEE, BITSAT, and State level or passageway test.


  1. Navy


Four-year education in science in Nautical Technology (3 years preparing at Institute + 1 year at Sea).

The unhitched male of Technology in Naval Architecture and Ship Building.

Qualification: twelfth Science PCM with high percentile.


Affirmation methodology: The All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test (AIMNET), required the (vision) and wellbeing models.


  1. Business Pilot


A business pilot preparing from Aviation Institutes in India.

BSc in Aviation Sciences.

Qualification: twelfth Science PCM with high percentile.


Affirmation methodology: Admission depends on an all-India composed test, Pilot Aptitude Test (WOMBAT) and a meeting. Required great visual perception and wellbeing.


  1. Four-year certification in scientific studies


BSc in material science, science, maths, space science, scientific Science, geography, insights, mechanical science, nautical science, home science, nourishment, garments and material, expansion and correspondence, natural science, Human Development, and Family contemplates (BSc), mold configuration, form innovation and so forth.

Qualification: twelfth Science PCM with least 55 %percentile

Affirmation methodology: Merit based confirmation, few foundations direct placement test.


  1. Indian Air Force


The NDA offers just a full-time, private undergrad program. Cadets are granted a Baccalaureate certificate (a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Technology) following 3 years of study. Cadets have a decision of two surges of study. The Science stream offers thinks about in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science. The Humanities (Liberal Arts) stream offers thinks about ever, Economics, Political Science, Geography and Language.

Qualification: 12ths PCM, unmarried Indian nationals.

Confirmation strategy: National dimension NDA test.


  1. Railroad Apprentice Exam


The chose competitors to get prepared for a long time, not simply in the field of mechanical and electrical designing; they are additionally prepped to take up authority positions in the Indian Railways as Class 1 officers.

Qualification: twelfth Science PCM with top notch

Confirmation Procedure: All India Special Railway Apprentice Exam by UPSC.


  1. Business Administration and Management Studies


Single guy of Business Administration (BBA)

Single guy of Management Studies (NMS)

Confirmation methodology: Entrance test or legitimacy list.


  1. Trade

B.Com-(3 years)

Saving money and Insurance (BBI-3 years)

Outlined Accountancy (CA)

Organization Secretary (CS)

Qualification: twelfth Science/Commerce with least 55%

Confirmation Procedure: Admission B.Com depends on legitimacy. CA/CS has National Level Exam.


  1. Expressions and Humanities


Four-year certification in liberal arts (brain research, human science, outside dialects, Travel, and Tourism Courses, brain science, human science, English, Archeology )

Physical Education (BPE)

Mass Communication and Journalism

BFA Performing Arts (music/move)

Business Administration and Management Studies (BBA, BMS-3 years)


Social Work (BSW-3 years)

Law (Integrated Masters in Law Course-multi year; LLB-3years)

Lodging Management (BA/BSc)

Planning Courses (Interior structure, item structure, and so forth. Confirmation or BSc)

Broad communications/Journalism Courses (BA, BMM)

Film/Television Courses (BA, BSc)

Confirmation Courses (Polytechnic, trader naval force, occasion the executives, accommodation, and so on.)

Every single Competitive test (common administration Exam, keeping money tests after graduation in any field)

Qualification: twelfth Science/Commerce/Arts with least 55%

Confirmation Procedure: Admission to BA courses depends on legitimacy. Admission to different courses depends on the placement test or meeting.